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op·ti·cal  (ŏp′tĭ-kəl) :adjective 

      of, relating to sight, visual.

sen·sa·tion  (sĕn-sā′shən)

    a cause of such interest and excitement.

The pieces I release are never straight from the camera, nor has this ever been the case with any of the greats. Ansel Adams began the process of creating images before the shutter was released with lens filters and lens choices, and long after the shutter was released with dark room hacks and techniques. While most of the post process manipulation now takes place on the computer, photographers have always created photographic based art. Images are manipulated in many different ways. Optical Sensations employs methods that were developed over a century ago and have been evolving since. These methods often involve removing colors, altering the lighting, or stacking photographs of different exposures. I strive to create in different styles, ranging from classical styled black and white to colorful surreal images to enhance your everyday spaces, whether business or home.

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Possessing a passion for photography I work to deliver high quality images with an attention to detail from from set up to print.


Today more than ever it is essential for your image to be the best it can be. Optical Sensations is here to move you through the process from concept to completion, ensuring that every detail is considered for your portraits! We can discuss what you are hoping to achieve from your shoot. It helps me if we spend time together learning about you and how you see yourself. I also like to discuss what you are looking to show others that see the images. Where do you want to use your portrait?
Whether you need an individual portrait session or a series of shoots This will help me guide you through the entire process.


Looking to update your professional headshot? Getting a great headshot is an important tool to enhance your professional image! I will create a relaxed environment and provide personalized direction during our session. Your image is a very important part of your marketing tools, and I am here to ensure that you put your best foot (and face) forward! Time can be critical in this facet of business, that is why I can also offer a same-day edit of your selected shots. All final headshots can be retouched within minutes of your session! Sessions will usually last 30 minutes to an hour. However, provide for a little more time when immediate editing is included.


Online shopping is the go-to for most. When it comes to marketing your products, image is paramount! A first impression of your product images should have a compelling appeal to your clientele. High-quality photography goes a long way in showcasing your product! Clients are drawn in by visuals. I want to help create a sensational image of your products, ensuring they get the attention they deserve.


Congratulations on your new addition to the family! Let Optical Sensations preserve this sensational time with Maternity sessions could be indoor, outdoor, or both! Sensational
moments can even be captured at your home! Do you want Everything needed for creating sensational scenes can be provided, we can also incorporate your ideas into any shoot! Although not an absolute rule, newborn photos are most successful when done within the first 5-7 days after birth.


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This is where you can find my most recently finished shoots and art. You may already find these pieces in the shop. If not, they will be available soon.

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The shop is were you can look at and purchase pieces for your work, home, or as gift to family,
friends, or others in your life.

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Optical Sensations is a photography and art company. My formal training began at Sam Houston State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Photography. Having worked a varied path of carreers, I have developed a broad sense of perspective. I also maintain several hobbies. including , no surprise on this first one; photography, fly fishing, hiking, and hammock camping to name a few. With a strong career in IT, I do this as a job of passion. As an avid outdoors man, and a technologically inclined person, I try to find balance in life. With photography, I often get to do both before a project is complete!

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